First United Methodist is blessed to have wonderful facilities to support the ministries of our church and the needs of our congregation. Our pastoral staff is dedicated to helping you during this time of grief and loss. When there is a death, please contact either of our pastors for assistance in arranging a funeral of graveside service. Services may be held in any of the worship spaces on our campus. If you desire, our pastors will officiate services held at a funeral home or graveside.


Our Columbarium has been created to provide an area on the church campus for the inurnment of the cremated remains of deceased members or their relatives. A memorial service for the inurnment of cremated remains will be designed by the pastoral staff in consultation with the deceased's family. Inurnment may take place at the time of the funeral service or at another time that is in keeping with the needs of the family. Each ninche is designed for the cremated remains of two (2) people. Plaques affixed to niches are of uniform size4, type, and composition prescribed by the Church and will be obtained by the Church at the family's expense. 


To purchase a niche or to obtain more information regarding the columbarium, contact Pat Church at or 336-889-4429