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Designed to Help Enhance your Parenting Skills

Starting in September, First United Methodist Church will be holding parenting workshops on Wednesday evenings that are designed to address the issues of raising children in today's increasingly modern world. We will have multiple speakers discussing various topics such as discipline, spiritual life, connecting with teens, and emerging technology. All of our talks will be held from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Holy Family Chapel. We hope that you will join us!









Session Descriptions

Drawing the Line - September 13 & 20    

(Dr. Allison Hudson)

We all want to raise responsible, respectful and successful children, but sometimes it's difficult to know how to do that or that our methods are working. In this series, you will learn about discipline that positively contributes to a child's development. Dr. Hudson will answer questions like "How does rescuing our children from the consequences of their choices and behaviors undermine discipline?" and "What roles, if any, do negotiation and compromise play in discipline?


Developing The Spiritual Life of Children - September 27 & October 4

(Rev. Dr. Chris and Sandy Franks)

Doing what we can to pass our faith on to our kids is one of our biggest responsibilities as parents.  But how can we sinners hope to be up to the task?  In these two sessions, we will talk about how our own need for God’s grace helps us share the gospel with our kids, and we’ll discuss some practical tips about helping our kids love the Bible, love worship, love to pray, and love to follow Jesus.


Tweens, Teens and Technology - October 25 and November 1

(Trevor Rhodes)

Our children are growing up in an increasingly difficult world. The technology that has made our lives easier, also has the potential to tear families apart, and harm us, especially our children. In this 2-session talk, you will learn about the latest parental controls and how to monitor your children’s internet usage, tips for discussing appropriate use of cellular phones,  and the dangers of social media and ways to use it responsibly.


Connecting with Your Teen - November 8

(DP Grigg)

Many forces are vying for your teenager’s attention. How do we discuss the topics of the day without sounding like we are giving lectures? This talk will explore ways to address current social issues such as politics and world affairs, future planning, practical advice on sex, drugs, dating, pornography, and self image.