Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our church exists to praise God, to make disciples of Jesus Christ, and to love and care for others.

Our Vision

We will be this church by:

  • Facilitating and enjoying the kind of vibrant worship which enables individuals to connect and commune with God and with each other, leading all of us to daily transformed lives.

  • Holding high a commitment to excellence in nurturing children and youth in the love of Christ, daily instilling in them a desire to serve others.

  • Making outreach that impacts our community and our world a daily priority. We will reach out in order to share the love of Christ in real and tangible ways.

  • Encouraging life-long learning as disciples of Jesus Christ, that we may all continually grow in Christ from young to old.

  • Sharing the message of God’s love in Jesus Christ with all people, including those who seem far from Christ.