Serve Our Church

Serving together, as a team, can bring us closer together, not only because of shared goals but because we are making an impact.

There are many different service teams that help around the church.  

Media Teams

Our worship services require a range of technological efforts from operating sound systems and cameras, to monitoring lighting and visual aids. We have teams for both our 9:00 AM and our 11:00 AM services. If you are interested in getting involved or joining a media team, please contact Trevor Rhodes ( 

Sound System

At our 9:00 and 10:55 service, we have many different audio elements that require management. This requires a sound operator. This person is responsible for keeping the volume of microphones and instruments at a comfortable level


At our 10:55 traditional service, we film a TV program each week. This requires a camera operator. This person is responsible for filming the entire service to be edited for a 30 minute TV program, as well as providing shots for visual aid during the service.

Visual Aid

In both our 9:00 and 10:55 services, we use visual aids during the service. This requires a prompter. This person manages the software and slides that assist in leading worship and provide a visual aid for the sermon. 

Chancel Teams

Chancel Teams are involved in traditional worship services and assist in running things smoothly.  

Communion Server

Communion servers assist the pastors with serving communion elements during certain worship services. Servers will work in pairs.


Greeters welcome members and guests to each worship service.  They are normally the first interaction a person has with our church on Sunday morning.


Ushers welcome members and guests to worship. They also assist in providing seating and the collection of offering.

Lay Reader

Lay Readers participate in the worship service by reading the chosen scripture for that week that supports the sermon.


Acolytes are typically children or youth (5th-12th grade) who help the Pastor during the worship service. Acolytes are responsible for lighting and extinguishing the worship candles as well as helping with baptisms and communion.

Office Volunteer

There is a lot going on at our church during the week. This requires a little extra help in our office. Office volunteers welcome members and visitors to the campus, assist in directing important phone calls, and provide general office assistance when needed.