Your Wedding at FUMC of High Point 

You will find most of the information you need to begin planning your wedding at FUMC-High Point below. For a copy of our entire wedding policy in printable form, please click here.

The wedding is a sacred service, one that should be unforgettable in beauty and meaning. The following policies, approved by the Church Council on March 22, 2009, have been adopted to assist you in making preparations for your wedding. They should be adhered to without exception. The church provides a wedding committee to assist with plans for your rehearsal and wedding. Use of one of our church wedding directors is mandatory. No outside wedding directors may be used. Fees are addressed below.

The pastor, in conjunction with the director, will be in charge of the wedding rehearsal. It is the policy of our church that all weddings follow the ritual of The United Methodist Church. Any departure from this ritual must be approved by the senior pastor. Any exceptional occurrence regarding ceremonial procedure must be addressed by the pastor and the chair of the wedding committee.

Helpful Information

For Wedding Coordinator and Scheduling Information, please call the Church Office @ (336) 889-4429.


The Rev. John Fitzgerald, Senior Pastor
The Rev. Debra Swing, Associate Pastor

Setting the Date

1.    As soon as the couple has decided on a tentative date and time for the wedding, they should contact one of the church secretaries concerning the areas they wish to use for the ceremony and the reception. A tentative time should also be set for the rehearsal. At this time the couple will be given a copy of these policies and the name and telephone number of the chair of the wedding committee. The bride will be responsible for contacting the wedding committee chairperson within two weeks after the date has been confirmed by the pastor and cleared through one of the church secretaries. For each wedding, the wedding committee chairperson will assign a wedding director and assistants from the list of members of the wedding committee.

2.    A wedding date will not be considered final until cleared with both the pastor and the church secretary. Tentative dates are held for two weeks only.

3.    One of the pastors of this church will officiate at all weddings held in the church unless permission is given by the senior pastor for another pastor to officiate or assist. If another pastor is to officiate or assist, the couple should consult with the pastor of this church, and s/he will issue the invitation in writing to the other pastor.

4.    Any proposed change in date or time, either of the rehearsal or the wedding, must be cleared with the administrative assistant, the pastor and the wedding committee chairperson and/or the wedding director at least thirty days prior to the event.

5.    Weddings should not be scheduled on major holidays or holiday weekends, such as Thanksgiving Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Christmas Day, the day before and the day following Christmas Day, because of possible conflicts with the church calendar and out of consideration for church personnel. Also, weddings are excluded on weekends before and during Parson’s Table. The Fellowship Hall will not be available for receptions the weekend after Parson’s Table.

6.    Non-church members may not schedule a wedding more than ninety days prior to the wedding date. All facility fees must be paid at the time of scheduling. These fees are non-refundable. Within ninety days of a given date, scheduling will be on a first-come, first-served basis for both members and non-members.

Preparing for the Wedding

1.    The Pastor

The officiating pastor will arrange appropriate counseling with the couple prior to the wedding. Dates for these conferences should be arranged by the couple with the officiating pastor well in advance of the ceremony.

2.    The Music

The music in all Services of Worship – including weddings – is under the supervision of the church director of music, who will assure that all music for the wedding is appropriate for a Service of Worship. If the services of our church organist are used, s/he may approve the selection of music. Such music should focus on the love of God rather than romantic love. A meeting with the director of music or church organist should be scheduled at least 60 days prior to the wedding.

a.  Whenever persons other than ones from the music staff of this church are requested, their participation in the service and the music to be used must first be discussed with, and approved by, our church director of music or by our church organist. After this consultation, the outside organist (and any other musicians) should be contacted by the bride and asked to participate in the service.

b.    When there is to be a soloist, it is the responsibility of the bride to see that the soloist contacts the church organist. All outside musicians are expected to be prepared upon arrival at the rehearsal.

c.   Either the director of music or the church organist must give permission for someone else to play or practice on the organ in the church or in the chapel. This may also involve a consultation fee charged by the organist.

3.    Use of the Kitchen for Church Receptions

a.     Only licensed caterers who carry their own liability insurance will be permitted to use the kitchen facilities.

b.     When the Fellowship Hall is reserved for the reception, the bride must contact the kitchen manager to obtain permission for a caterer to use the kitchen. The name and telephone number of the kitchen manager may be obtained from one of the secretaries in the church office. This may also involve a consultation fee charged by the kitchen manager

c.     The caterer will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen following the reception.

4.    Janitorial Service

The services of the church janitorial personnel are not only available, but also mandatory. It is the responsibility of the bride to arrange with our director of maintenance for the necessary janitorial service. The name and telephone number of the director of maintenance may be obtained from one of the secretaries in the church office. Fees for this service are addressed below.

5.    Security

The church does not assume the responsibility for personal clothing and other valuables left in the church before, during, or after the ceremony.

6.    Sound Technician (not necessary in the chapel)

Only our audio personnel are permitted to use the church sound system. If a church sound technician is available, audio taping the ceremony is possible provided the bride furnishes the tape.

7.    The printing of wedding bulletins is the sole responsibility of the bride.


            For fee purposes, members are considered to be those persons who are officially registered on the membership roll of First United Methodist Church, their children or grandchildren. All fees, where applicable, are usually the responsibility of the bride, unless otherwise noted.

1.    For services of church personnel (fees, including the pastor’s honorarium, which are paid directly to the individuals concerned PRIOR to the rehearsal):

a.         The Pastor

            The pastor should be compensated with an honorarium.

                                                Church Member                  Non-Church Member

                                 Responsibility of Groom                                           $100.00

b.        The Organist

                                                Church Member                  Non-Church Member

Rehearsal and wedding                   $100.00                                          $150.00

c.         Directors

                                                Church Member                  Non-Church Member

            Representative of               **                                                          $150.00
      Wedding Committee         

            Assistants (each)                 **                                                           $70.00

            (up to two at the discretion of the church’s wedding director)

**Any expression of appreciation for the services of the wedding director and assistant(s) will be at the bride’s discretion.

d.        Janitorial Personnel

Fees for the janitorial personnel are based upon the areas of the church which are to be used, as follows:

                                                Church Member                  Non-Church Member

            Sanctuary                                    $40.00                                             $70.00

            Chapel                                         $30.00                                             $50.00

            Fellowship Hall                          $35.00                                             $60.00

            Church Parlor                             $30.00                                             $50.00

            Glass hurricane globes*             $20.00                                             $35.00

*Refundable if bride cleans the globes; non-refundable if done by janitorial personnel

e.         Use of brass candle holders, candle burners and oil (paid directly to financial secretary’s office)

          Church Member                  Non-Church Member

                                                                  $20.00                                            $35.00

f.         Sound Technician

          Church Member                  Non-Church Member

                                                                   $35.00                                           $70.00

2.  For use of church facilities:

a.         Members

            There is no fee for use of any church facilities to any member or child or grandchild of any member of this church.

b.        Non-Members

            Non-members will be charged for use of facilities as noted below. These non-refundable fees will be paid directly to the financial secretary’s office of the church at the time of scheduling.

            i.          Wedding (and rehearsal)

                        Sanctuary                 $400.00

                        Chapel                       $200.00

            ii.         Reception or other wedding functions per event

                        Fellowship Hall        $250.00

                        Church Parlor           $100.00

c.         Exceptions

            Under unusual circumstances, fees for use of the church facilities by non-members may be waived with the approval of the Work Area on Worship Committee.