Join Us For Our Sunday Services

Traditional Informal Service: 8:30am in our Holy Family Chapel

Non-traditional Informal Service: 9am in the Allred Center

Traditional Service: 10:55am in the Sanctuary

Sunday, September 25
Registration begins at 3pm

It is time to dust off our walking shoes and get ready for the annual CROP Walk on Sunday, September 25.  Registration starts at 3pm and the walk begins at 4pm at First Baptist Church. We need both sponsors and walkers. To donate and/or register to walk online, please click here.

When you sign on, you will see Pastor Debra's invitation to get involved with ending hunger in High Point and the link to donate.  When you donate, you can elect for your donation to remain private information, if you would like. On September 25, please plan on joining Pastor John's "Hunger Hikers" or Pastor Debra's "Red Hot Chili Steppers" groups as we bring attention to the problem of hunger here in High Point.